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Snake Fountain

Welcome on an official site of SOFIYIVKA - the National dendrological park of Ukraine, without exaggeration of one of most beautiful places, created by human hand.

You can find out about a history of the establishment, construction and development of park for more than 200-year's term, to pass with the authors of the site on its alleys, to admire perfect landscapes (the photoalbum contains 77 pictures).

Behind a plan of its creators Sofiyivka is the embodied illustration of poems of Homer 'Iliad' and 'Odyssey', where each composition or small architectural form comprises the certain plan, expresses idea of a myth or certain event.

We hope, that your virtual acquaintance will inspire you and to real travel, which for certain will leave at you unforgettable memoirs. All you need for the travel you will find on our site. Download the list of services - zip-archive


Храм Фетиды
The grotto of Thetis

You also can order the book of I. Kosenko, which has published in 2003 - fine executed monography, with the most complete researches of the history of legendary park, on the basis of which this site has been created.

On the site there is an extensive list of the literature about the park, its flora, scientific researches, memoirs of the contemporaries. Much from the literature is accessible immediately from the site.

...Probably, it was in Yassy, that Potocki got acquainted with a beautiful Greek girl Sofia - a wife of Russian army general, a commandant of Kherson - count Josef Witt.

Who was she, a mysterious woman, for whom one of the most beautiful parks in the world was created and named in her honor?

History of Sofia

A famous Russian traveler I.M.Dolgorukyi, having visited "Sofiyivka" in 1810, wrote: "If you want to have a true concept of the Elysian Fields, or the paradise on the earth, come to see "Sofiyivka" and to amaze a genius of creation. Here art and nature, combining all their forces, created a wonderful picture. What a harmonic consent in their surprising combination of joint work! Nothing can be compared with what one can see there: everything fascinates and captivates visitors. However, do not think that I would like to present you some unreal beauty. This garden is one of the happy and logical consequences of human art "


The Lower Pond
Sofiyivka Tender
Commitee Page

International Scientific Conference

devoted to the 210-anniversary of foundation the National dendrological park "Sofiyivka"

"Ancient parks and botanical gardens - scientific center biodiversity conservation and protection of historical and cultural heritage"

25 - 28 September 2006

The park, as a scientific institution of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, is engaged in researches of connatural and cultural flora of austral Forest-steppe of Ukraine, introduction and acclimatation of plants in the region.

The article of the director of the famous park I. Kosenko summarizes this work:

50 years anniversary of the Sofiyivka park as a scientific institute of the Ukraine's NAS

In the final article of I. Kosenko the review of the park's whole history from the moment of the foundation till todays is made:
205 years since the foundation of Sofiyivka

The team of scientists of the park issued the catalogue of plants with the total amount 1994 taxons, in which 25 taxons of hazels, 24 beeches, 41 fir-trees, 44 junipers, 100 lianas, 320 roses, 57 rhododendrons and 98 flower plants - totally 1220 trees and bushes and 774 herbaceous plants.
Catalogue (zip 380 КB)

The hothouse of the park is the unique center of cultivation of conifers and deciduous trees, bushes, roses seedlings - total more than 200 items.
Open|Download (22 КB)

The beauty of the park was sung by a lot of poets, but the poem of the Polish poet S. Trembecki occupies an especial place. Written in 1811, it is the park guide book in verses.
"Sofiowka" and comments of Adam Mickiewicz (polish)

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