about prices and services for the visitors

of the Sofiyivka Park, 2013

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The Park is open for visitation from May 1 till November 15 daily from 9.00 till 18-00. Under condition of the advanced order service is possible at any time. The telephone of travel agency of the park — 3-22-10 *

An entrance fee for the adult - 25 UAH, for children of school age - 15 UAH; with excursion service accordingly 40 and 25UAH

Excursion service in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Polish, French and German language.

An entrance fee with excursion service in foreign language, except for Russian - 60 UAH, for children - 40 UAH. Minimal cost of excursion in foreign language (up to 8 persons) - 480 UAH, for children - 320 UAH.

Cost of driving by a boat on the underground river for the adult - 25 UAH, for children of school age - 15 UAH. Minimal cost (for group up to 10 persons) - 250 UAH, for children - 150UAH.

Driving on catamarans - 30 UAH, by boats - 60 UAH (30 min).

Driving on the ferry for the adult - 25 UAH, for children of school age - 15 UAH. Minimal cost (up to 10 persons) - 250 UAH, for children - 150UAH.

Riding - 20UAH, photos on horseback - 5 UAH.

Coach (up to 5 persons) - 100UAH, photos on coach - 5 UAH per person.

Sledding in the winter - 15UAH. Sledding with horses (up to 5 persons) - 100UAH.

Photo services in the park (for 1 month.) - 450UAH.

For a film and camera shutting in the park - 1000UAH (8 hrs.) Price negotiable. By holding videofilming in the park, museums and marble sculptures in the exhibition "Akvanarium" - 50UAH, shooting -30UAH.

Providing a place to park for the realization of objects of decorative art (for 1 month.) - 450UAH.

Providing services for wedding ceremonies in the park - 2000UAH.

Tickets for parking: for passenger transport - 20UAH, for bus - 30UAH. (No responsibility for safety of vehicles)

Exhibition - sale „Aquanarium”. An entrance fee - 20UAH, for children - 15UAH.

Shop on sale of a landing stuff and concomitant goods „ Flora of Sofiyivka ”, Telephone of hothouse 5-24-56;

Museum of marble sculpture of park in a winter garden. An entrance fee - 10UAH, for children - 5UAH, with excursion service - 15UAH (10UAH). Minimal cost of excursion (up to 8 persons) - 120 UAH, for children - 80UAH.

Cafe, telephone 3-41-00.

Restaurant, telephone 3-43-66.

Hotel "Sophia"

for 65 persons, tel. (04744) 4-04-95.

Room rates per night:

  • "Luxury" - 450UAH. (From May 1 until November 15 -500UAH.)
  • "Suite" - 350UAH. (From May 1 until November 15 - 400UAH.)
  • Room for 2 people - 250UAH. (From May 1 until November 15 -300UAH.)
  • Room for 1 person - 150UAH. (From May 1 to November 15 - 200UAH.)


for 45 persons, tel. (04744) 3-35-27.

Room rates per night:

  • Hotel style apartment for 2, luxury, № 9, № 12, - 450UAH. (From May 1 until November 15 - 500UAH)
  • Hotel style apartment for 2, luxury № 1 - 350UAH. (From May 1 until November 15 - 450UAH)
  • Room studio for 2, junior suites - 280UAH. (From May 1 until November 15 - 400UAH)
  • Room for 2 persons - 200UAH. (From May 1 to November 15 - 300UAH)
  • Room for 2 people with no amenities - 100UAH. (From May 1 to November 15 - 150UAH)
  • Price for one bed in hotel room - 50UAH. (From May 1 to November 15 - 75UAH)
  • Price for quartering pets - 50UAH.
  • Price for the hotel car parking - 20UAH.

On order is a sauna. Cost for groups of visitors up to 5 people - 80 UAH per hour, for a group of more than 5 people - extra 16UAH per person. Conference room for 180 seats - 2000UAH.

The prices are subject to change. Plz contacts us 32210

*Telephone area code:
from abroad 380-4744
from Ukraine 04744

Town of Uman, Cherkassy region, Ukraine.

International Scientific Conference

devoted to the 210-anniversary of foundation the
National dendrological park "Sofiyivka"

"Ancient parks and botanical gardens - scientific center biodiversity conservation and protection of historical and cultural heritage"

25 - 28 September 2006

The park, as a scientific institution of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, is engaged in researches of connatural and cultural flora of austral Forest-steppe of Ukraine, introduction and acclimatation of plants in the region.

The article of the director of the famous park I. Kosenko summarizes this work:

50 years anniversary of the Sofiyivka park as a scientific institute of the Ukraine's NAS

In the final article of I. Kosenko the review of the park's whole history from the moment of the foundation till todays is made:
205 years since the foundation of Sofiyivka

The team of scientists of the park issued the catalogue of plants with the total amount 1994 taxons, in which 25 taxons of hazels, 24 beeches, 41 fir-trees, 44 junipers, 100 lianas, 320 roses, 57 rhododendrons and 98 flower plants - totally 1220 trees and bushes and 774 herbaceous plants.
Catalogue (zip 380 КB)

The beauty of the park was sung by a lot of poets, but the poem of the Polish poet S. Trembecki occupies an especial place. Written in 1811, it is the park guide book in verses.
"Sofiowka" and comments of Adam Mickiewicz (polish)