25 - 28 September 2006

International Scientific Conference

devoted to the 210-anniversary of foundation the
National dendrological park "Sofiyivka"

"Ancient parks and botanical gardens - scientific center biodiversity conservation and protection of historical and cultural heritage"


Scientific Disciplinary Areas

  1. Historical investigations of the ancient parks.
  2. The dendroflora of the botanical gardens and parks and the ways of their conservation and diversity enrichment.
  3. Introduction and conservation of the rare and vestigial plants gene pool in conditions in situ and ex situ.
  4. Harmonization of the ecological habitat in the botanical gardens and dendrological parks.
  5. The role of biotechnology and selective-genetic improvement of hylad and ornamental plants in the biodiversity increase.
  6. Cultural and recreation role of the ancient parks.
  7. Didactic problems in the dendrology and horticulture and park art in the higher school.


Various excursions during the Conference will be offered.


The botanical collection in "Sofievka" is exceptionally rich. Contain together 2716 taxons, 499 woody, 1193 shrubby, 120 lianas, 904 herbaceous plants. Make use of the opportunity to visit this collection!

Deadline for registration and giving articles 1 March 2006

All prospective participants are invited to submit a proposal for a Symposium fitting with one of the Disciplinary Areas. All authors (oral contributions and posters) will have to supply articles

Proposals or questions regarding the Conference should be sent to:

Conference Secretariat
Miss Galina Vernyuk
ISC 2006

National dendrological park "Sofiyivka"
Kievska Street 12/a

Uman, Cherkassy Region,
Ukraine, 20300
Phone +38 04744 38204
Fax +38 04744 37294


To receive the Second Circular, please fill out the following form and return it preferably electronically) to the Conference Secretariat

  • Given Name
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  • Institution
  • Academic degree
  • Name of the article
  • Name of the scientific disciplinar area
  • Method of participation (oral abstract, poster etc.)
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General Information

Organizing committee invites you to take part in the International scientific conference "Ancient parks and botanical gardens - scientific centers of biodiversity conservation and protection of historical and cultural heritage" devoted to the 210-anniversary of foundation the National dendrological park "Sofiyivka", which is
going to be on 25 - 28 September, 2006 in the administrative building of the park "Sofiyivka" to the address:

Kievska Street 12/a, Uman, Cherkassy
Region, Ukraine, 20300


The ISC will be a major convention of scientists from around the world.


Registration is open to any person interested in any field related to plant biology or horticulture and parks art. Payment of the registration fee allows entrance to all sessions, exhibitions and receptions; congress documents and publication of articles.

Conference Site

The administrative building of the National dendrological park "Sofiyivka" is a large and attractive building with all modern facilities to support large international meetings.

Duration of the ISC

Scientific Sessions and Ceremonies September 25 - 28 (Monday-Thursday) 2006

Conference highlights

The conference will convene at the Opening Session on Monday, 25 September 2006, with welcoming ceremonies and plenary lectures. Scientific events will end daily at 18.30 leaving evenings free for the cultural events and attractions

The Scientific Program

The Scientific Program will consist of Plenary Lectures, Symposia (consisting of oral and poster sessions), Society or Association Meetings, Discussions and Work-shops. All participants will be limited to one oral or poster presentation


Article 50 years anniversary of the Sofiyivka park as a scientific institute of the Ukraine's NAS I. Kosenko ZIP 10,5 KB
Article 205 years since the foundation of Sofiyivka I. Kosenko ZIP 20,4 KB
Article Матеріалізація образів гомерової "Одіссеї" в паркових композиціях "Софіївки"
як вершина геніальності Людвига Метцеля
I. Kosenko ZIP 19,7 KB
Book Catalogue of the Sofiyivka vegetation Team of authors ZIP 380 KB
Report Dendrological park Sofiyivka' scientific research report (1999 - 2003)   ZIP
208 КB


Scientific literature
published (1999 - 2003) by the scientists
of the dendrological park Sofiyivka
(17 monographes and 199 articles) is
on the special page

The park, as a scientific institution of the National Academy of Science of Ukraine, is engaged in researches of connatural and cultural flora of austral Forest-steppe of Ukraine, introduction and acclimatation of plants in the region.

The article of the director of the famous park I. Kosenko summarizes this work:

50 years anniversary of the Sofiyivka park as a scientific institute of the Ukraine's NAS

In the final article of I. Kosenko the review of the park's whole history from the moment of the foundation till todays is made:
205 years since the foundation of Sofiyivka

The team of scientists of the park issued the catalogue of plants with the total amount 1994 taxons, in which 25 taxons of hazels, 24 beeches, 41 fir-trees, 44 junipers, 100 lianas, 320 roses, 57 rhododendrons and 98 flower plants - totally 1220 trees and bushes and 774 herbaceous plants.
Catalogue (zip 380 КB)

The hothouse of the park is the unique center of cultivation of conifers and deciduous trees, bushes, roses seedlings - total more than 200 items.
Open|Download (22 КB)

The beauty of the park was sung by a lot of poets, but the poem of the Polish poet S. Trembecki occupies an especial place. Written in 1811, it is the park guide book in verses.
"Sofiowka" and comments of Adam Mickiewicz (polish)

Park as the tourist center offers the visitors a complex of services - excursion support in six languages, hotel, restaurant, conference hall etc.
List of services